• Karen Buck, “From menu brainstorms to making sure we had the right serving staff in place, Anne was indispensable to the success of my fundraising party.”
  • Elisa Munoz, Market Umbrella/Crescent City Farmers Market
    “We have used Anne for small office parties and large group luncheons, and the food she has delivered has been delicious, nutritious, and locally sourced. What she can do with unusual and local ingredients can only be described as magic and her professionalism and happy disposition are second to none! Anne is truly a master.”
  • Larry Blake, “I met Anne in 2006 at a friend’s wedding, and a week later she saved my ass by catering a big party at my home. Since then, her presence at that annual party has merited her name on the invite. Now that Bhava is open, I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wait until my party to taste her wares.
  • Lindsay Razazz, We first learned of Anne Churchill through the late-dinner staff of Susan Spicer’s Bayona, who all agreed that Anne was unbeatable in the kitchen (and in general).  I followed this lead, and boy did that take us to a delicious and wonderful place… wedding-catering-nirvana, perhaps.  

Every ounce of our wedding was personalized and from the heart — it was held in the beautiful, international and ever-so quirky Race & Religious, involved Persian traditions, nods to Jewish heritage, Spanish acoustic guitar, Aunt Susie singing a bluesy Ella Fitzgerald, hand-written ceremony, and an all-talented and beloved cast of friends “ministering” our union, stoking the into-the-morning dance scene, and mixing exotic & seductive cocktails (Betty Davis, Fayard Lindsay, Bar Travis).  It was the type of wedding where you walk up the aisle to Willie Nelson’s duet “Love Me Like a Song” and rock back down the aisle to Freddie Mercury’s “I Was Born to Love You.”  Ahhh…

So, being someone who treasures food, loves to cook, and has basically never skipped a meal in my life, I was bound to find the absolute most delicious, representative wedding cuisine. Instead of presenting pre-set menu options at varying (and extreme) price points, you know what Anne did?  She asked us what our favorite foods and flavors were, and built an extravagant and unique menu around us. She seemed excited when we told her that we are vegetarian + seafood, and love most types of international cuisine.  She also didn’t blink an eye when we shared our very reasonable budget. (Note that our budget would’ve gotten us salad, chicken, pasta, and a side of beans with another caterer.)  This is the food our friends and family delighted in with Anne:

Passed appetizers for pre-ceremony cocktail hour:

  • Mini lump crab meat cakes topped with smoked tomato aioli
  • Roasted ginger and carrot mousse on slices of cucumber
  • Veggie samosas (potato and pea) with home made tamarind sauce
  • Edamame hummus atop crispy pitas
  • Balinese fish satay with creamy peanut sauce

After ceremony buffet:

  • Home-pickled gulf shrimp on deviled eggs
  • Grilled Caesar salad — tender romaine hearts, parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing
  • Louisiana penne with ragu of mushrooms, tomatoes, aromatics and topped with parmesan
  • Khmer pumpkin tofu curry served over jasmine rice

“Second wave” dish, served at 10:30pm:

  • Cajun grains fried rice w/ veggies and smoked tofu
  • For children: plain pasta with parmesan and butter

Anne’s flavors in our menu were rich and vibrant, but also accessible enough that our handful of meat and potato-trending family members were very surprised to find themselves going back for seconds and thirds. There was a LOT of oooohing and ahhhhing. 

Let me quickly list the factors that go into my absolute recommendation for Anne:

  • Incredibly inspired chef.
  • Fun, fun lady – you soon feel that you’re coordinating with a long-time friend.
  • She invited us and a couple of our friends over to her house for a tasting months before the wedding (we bought groceries and wine, she took care of the rest).  It was a wonderful evening.
  • Very responsive, professional, and trustworthy.  You can feel at ease with her at the helm.
  • She provided the china, silverware, and catering set-up.  Decorated everything beautifully.
  • Bought from local farmers whenever possible.

All around as truly local, fun & personalized, organic, and beautiful experience as I could have ever hoped for. Anne has my and my husband’s highest recommendation.

— By Lindsay Razzaz

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